Stump grinding & Removal

Stump Grinding

Get rid of unsightly tree stumps that only serve as tripping hazards in your yard, with our stump grinding services. Tree stump grinding is the most popular, and affordable, option for removing unwanted stumps from established yards and landscapes.

Stump grinding involves removing only the tree stump. To do this we utilize a grinder to shave the stump all the way down. This method is the least disruptive for your landscape and is what we typically recommend for homeowners.

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Tree stump grinding in action, using stump grinder.
Tree stump on the green grass.

Stump Removal

Professional tree stump removal services for contractors, construction sites, and lot clearing. No job is too big or too small! We have got an amazing crew and all the equipment needed to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Stump removal is typically not the preferred or recommended option for homeowners with established yards and landscapes. This method entails removing not only the tree’s stump but, also the roots attached to it.

A mature tree’s root system can encompass a diameter that is two to four times that of the crown. Therefore, in order, to successfully remove the tree stump and roots we have to utilize heavy duty machinery, such as a bob cat, that would wreak havoc on an established landscape.


Answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about our tree care services.

Yes, we are licensed and insured, and we will happily provide our documents as proof upon request.

We are located in Midway but, serve all of the surrounding communities. This includes, but is not limited too, Hinesville, Richmond Hill, Brunswick, Town Send, Jesup, and more.

Yes, we always thoroughly clean up, remove, and haul away any and all tree debris after completing a tree service job. We make it our mission to leave your yard looking better than we found it, so you never have to worry about a mess.

Yes, absolutely! We offer 24/7 Emergency Services for fallen trees, storm damage, etc. If it is an emergency call us directly at 912-572-4274 for immediate assistance.

Yes! We have the man power and the equipment to clear even the largest lot, or construction site.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming and pruning, done by an experienced arborist.

Tree Removal

Professional tree removal service, no job is too big or to small.

Tree Care Services

Tree care & maintenance services for a healthier more beautiful landscape.